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Psychoanalytic therapy is informed by psychoanalytic theory and principals. Sessions often occur multiple days per week with the aim of facilitating the patient in exploring their inner life. Through frequent meetings and a collaborate therapeutic relationship, patients are able to gain awareness of emotions, conflicts, and ways of thinking that may be interfering with self-fulfillment in multiple domains (e.g., work, school, relationships, and personal satisfaction).

Couples therapy offers a secure opportunity for partners to examine relationship dynamics and communication patterns that may be influencing relational quality. The roles and expectations of each partner are also explored with the aim of fostering new growth and understanding. Additionally, couples therapy deals with divorce, separation, and parenting.

Family therapy is a useful way for members to navigate the influence of communication, family organization, and family history on the their well-being. Families are arranged into many different patterns and steeped in various traditions. The therapist encourages adaptive ways for members to build a solid family foundation.

Psychological evaluations are thorough assessments of personal functioning in various domains:  cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and social. Narrative reports are written with the use of data from clinical interviews, psychological tests, and behavioral observations. Psychological evaluations are useful for precise treatment planning, diagnostic clarification, personality description and classification, and estimating prognosis. I offer evaluations for various areas including immigration issues (family hardship, U-Visa, and VAWA), ADHD, learning problems, PTSD, and neuropsychological issues. 


Geography, scheduling issues, transportation, or physical restrictions do not have to get in the way of reaping the benefits of psychotherapy. Through teletherapy, individuals, couples, and families can have greater access to mental health care and avert potential traveling costs. Online therapy is offered to residents in all regions of California. 

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